Art as a revolutionary force

The struggle for freedom also saw a burgeoning cultural renaissance, reflected in the artistic and literary expressions of the time which mirrored the conditions and strivings of the masses. This laid the foundation for a national rejuvenation, highlighting the revolutionary contribution of art and culture in shaping the consciousness of a people. The belief in a shared future, which was instrumental in uniting the masses, had to be cultivated for decades in the face of relentless opposition from the empire and its beneficiaries which sowed seeds of discord to divide the people. As early as 1886, Rabindranath Tagore would write for the Calcutta session of the National Congress, "We meet today as brothers heeding to our mother's call, forgetting our divisions and ego."

The Year is organized by members of the Saturday Free School for Philosophy & Black Liberation, based in the Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia, and the Gandhi Global Family.