Martin Luther King Jr. and our single Garment of destiny

On the 20th of November, 2022 activists, scholars and students met at the Indian Institute for World Culture, Bengaluru explore and commemorate the deep relationship between the Indian struggle for freedom and the African American liberation movement. The event included an address by eminent scholar and former Ambassador Pascal Alan Nazareth, as well as a screening of the film King in the Wilderness.

A photo exhibition of over 60 photos covered and commemorated the civil rights struggle in the US, as well as Martin Luther King Jr and Corretta Scott King's trip to India.

Speakers and Film

Pascal Alan Nazareth is a former ambassador and diplomat having served in several countries. He has authored multiple books on Mahatama Gandhi and nonviolent revolution. He devotes his time to the study of non-violent revolutions all over the world.

King in the Wilderness is a moving film on the last few years of Martin Luther King Jr's life. It includes interviews with his closest colleagues and friends, and relates the story of his most trying years.